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S10k Sonic Chlorinator
S10k Sonic Chlorinator

The Wallace & Tiernan® S10k chlorinator is an all vacuum operated, sonically regulated unit. It provides economic, low capacity gas feed applications for municipal and industrial water and wastewater disinfection, swimming pools and industrial process water.

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V10k Gas Feed System
V10k Wall Mtd Gas feeder

The Wallace & Tiernan® V10k is a remote vacuum solution feeder for use with four of the most commonly used gases for the disinfection and treatment of municipal and industrial water and wastewater. Features the versatility of wall mounting and a maximum capacity of 750 PPD(chlorine).

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Encore 700 Diaphagm Metering Pump
Encore 700 Diaphagm
Metering Pump

The Encore® 700 pump is engineered to handle industrial and municipal metering applications in water and wastewater treatment, swimming pools, food processing, chemical processing, brewing and distillation, and agriculture.

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OSEC B-Pak Skid System
OSEC B-Pak Skid System

The OSEC B-Pak Skid System is a fully automated, pre-packaged on-site hypochlorite system designed for fast and economical insatallation, safe operation and easy maintenance. Skids are shipped completely piped, wired and tested.

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Barrier M UV Systems

Barrier M UV Systems

The Barrier® M UV system provides a cost-effective, operator-friendly solution for low-and-medium flow rate disinfection applications, as well as a chloramines reduction solution for pool water treatment installations.

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reverse osmosis systems
General Industrial
Reverse Osmosis Systems

We provide reverse osmosis systems (RO Systems) for water treatment for use in specific applications. From small pre-engineered industrial skidded designs to large flow custom reverse osmosis water systems. Below is a list of some of our reverse osmosis systems.

RO Systems, 40 Series
RO Systems, 240 Series
RO Systems, 280 Series

Pressure Measurements

With the SITRANS P range we offer you a program for all applications – uniform measuring cells and housing as well as an operating concept via SIMATIC PDM inclusively:


Level Measurement
Level Measurements

Siemens Milltronics offers a variety of different Level measuring instruments for liquids, solids, slurries and interfaces.


Flow Measurement
Flow Measurements

Siemens SITRANS F family of flowmeters have a long and proven track record. It encompasses a comprehensive product line, ranging from simple flow indicators to highly sophisticated and bus compatible measurement transmitters.


Rotary Piston Flow Measurement
Variable Area Flow
Orifice Flow

Temperature measurement
Temperature Measurements

The product family SITRANS T offers a complete spectrum at temperature sensors and transmitters. Select the suitable product to your application, from simple applications to intelligent and devices with fieldbus communication.